Let's work together to connect with your audience through video, drone, and intentional marketing. 

It's not just about making a video for you, it's about the intention behind the ask, the audience you are communicating with, and so much more. Video is a powerful way to connect with your customers and guests. It's a medium by which you're able to create and produce whatever your heart desires.... with the right team. 

Meet the Team

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Christina Kluttz

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Marcus Kluttz

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Nathaly Norman

creating content

through an intentional process we've refined over the years



Where all those dreams in our heads turn into reality. MAK uses decades of skills and quality equipment to take the ideas developed in pre-production and captures them in a collaborative process.


post production

This is where the magic happens, where the storytelling plays out. We take storyboards we developed with our clients at the beginning of the journey and turn those into the final product.