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Video is our first true love. The entire process from working with our clients on figuring out the story they are telling to late nights in the edit room… we love it all! 

  • Broadcast Commercials

  • Brand Promotional Videos

  • Storytelling Features

  • Social Media Content

  • Corporate Training Series

  • Company Testimonials

  • Company Culture Video

  • Hype Reels

  • Documentary-style


Having an FAA Certified drone pilot on staff allows us to consider a bird’s eye view for any of our projects. Whether it’s featuring a property or using it as a creative perspective, it’s a useful tool.

  • Property Showcases

  • Event Promotion

  • Promotional Videos


Incorporating motion graphics into your videos is one of the best ways to elevate the final product. Logo animation and graphical enhancements help add a polished look and personality to your project.

  • Branded Graphics Package

  • Dynamic Text Animations

  • Animated Promo Videos

  • Stop Motion


our process


From the initial "Nice to meet you!" to a project kick off. There is so much for us to learn about you and your business. The main goals from the Discovery Phase is to get to know each other, learn how to serve you and your business best and learn the potential scope of your project.


Concepting is where we take all those pie in the sky ideas, review all the business goals we talked through during Discovery and formulate some tangible concepts for your project. Whether it's an About Us video or a series of deliverables, we'll be solidifying how these videos will ultimately look for you. 


A crucial phase in the process, the planning (AKA Pre Production) is all about ironing out logistical details and making sure everything has been communicated to client, crew, talent, etc. We firmly believe that the more effort that goes into this phase, the smaller the gap is between concept and final product. 


Production is where the rubber meets the road and all those concepts that started out as a seedling of an idea begin feeling real. Shoot days should feel seamless and calm because of our efforts in the Planning Phase.


We've dreamt it, we've filmed it... now to pull it all together. Editing can be and typically is the most exciting part of the process for us. We get to review all the footage we've captured and layer in all the different pieces of the concept: voiceovers, A Roll, B Roll, music, graphics. It's coming together!


At the end of the day - every day - our goal is to create video with impact. Video that will actually make a difference in your business. And we hope to do it in a way that makes the process enjoyable and smooth for everyone involved. So, let's go make MAGIC together.
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